Kelmarsh Land Rover Show

I spent the weekend at Kelmarsh Land Rover show and had a great time looking at the selection of vehicles on display and taking lots of pictures. Oh and drinking lots of beer.

The weather proved interesting and I mistakenly (drunkenly) thought the Oztent foxwing awning would be able to withstand the gale force winds. Not so. I came back from a short walk around the club stands to find it flapping around with one of the poles snapped off from the hinge. 5 minutes later and £60 worse off I had a replacement ordered online. When I got to the 4×4 Overlander stand to see Brendan he had 2 Guy ropes per pole. Another lesson learned. It could have been worse anyway, I particularly enjoyed the sight of a couple trapped in a Hannibal roof tent where the fold down section and ladder had been picked up by the wind, partially collapsing the tent and making it impossible for them to climb down the ladder without assistance from the ground. Luckily I had strapped the fold out section of my tent down to one of the wheels.


Windy days!

Throughout the whole show I only spotted 5 other 130s – time to start up a club and get a stand I think, the best wheelbase defender needs to be seen! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures below (unfortunately the order got messed up).

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